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Sellers General Interior

Dress your house for success

If your home is going to get a second look from buyers…its got to make a good first impression!

As with the exterior, painting is well worth the time and money. Wallpaper should be clean and adhered smoothly. Clean or paint vent covers. Tighten any loose hand rails.

Floors & Carpeting
Repair or replace broken or lost tiles. Repair any loose stair treads. Make sure the carpets are clean (steam cleaning is best). Loose carpet should be anchored firmly.

Make sure all sockets have good bulbs (don’t forget about the ones in closets, by the garage and on the front porch). Repair or replace wall switches, outlets and fixtures that don’t work. Replace any broken or missing switch plates.

Any appliances that will be sold with the home must be in good working order. If a specific item does not work and you do not intend to repair it, point this out.

Leaky or excessively noisy toilets should be fixed as well as any leaky faucets. Badly chipped or stained sinks and tubs should be re-enamled, patched or replaced.

Furnace & Water Heater
Clean the dust and cobwebs off them…they will seem newer and in better condition and it only takes ten minutes work at most!

Take out all garbage everyday especially from the kitchen and nursery. Make sure there is no smelly food in the refrigerator or under the sink.

Move the litter box out of the house for the afternoon and clean up after the dog before any showings. Not everyone is an animal lover so try to keep the animals contained or at least out of the way for all showings!

Manuals & Keys
Gather all household manuals and warranties for the items being sold with the property and have them handy for your new owner. Collect all extra keys for the house including the garage, deadbolts and storage closet keys. This way you’ll be ready for the new owner at closing.

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