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Dress your house for success

If your home is going to get a second look from buyers…its got to make a good first impression!


A spacious look
One of the best and least expensive ways to improve the how-ability of a home is to open up as much space as possible. Overstuffed rooms, closets and storage give the impression of being smaller spaces than they really are. Remove extraneous furniture and pack up out-of-season clothes. Get rid of things you no longer use. Consider a mini-storage for the furniture and boxes beginning to collect in corners.

Extra time is well spent here. Remove infrequently used appliances and do some prudent discarding in cabinets. Clean the stove inside and out. Replace corroded or stained reflector pans under burners. Don’t forget about cleaning under the exhaust hood. A gleaming kitchen goes a long way to show buyers your general housekeeping. This is a part of the home where people do a lot of looking.

Few places in the home get dirty so quickly, yet few will ‘unsell’ a house as fast as a dirty bath. All the fixtures are focal points. However, don’t forget simple tricks like fresh soap in the dish, replacing a tired shower curtain and cleaning the caulking and grout in the shower. Put out fresh towels prior to showings and make sure bath mats are clean and in good repair.

You may have wonderful collections that you like to display in your home but when your home is being shown to strangers, it is not the time to have them out. Don’t have small valuable items lying around on counters or dressers. Get them out of sight, if not out of the house. Don’t invite problems.


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