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Dear Mr & Mrs FSBO:

When looking for a real estate agent, you should look for someone who knows and loves our neighborhood. I don’t try to sell the world and all of Denver, I sell its heart! And I sell it for top dollar! When it comes to the older areas of Denver, I am one of the best!

While others are complaining about the market, I am very busy selling houses! Right now, we are having one of our best seasons ever. What makes the difference? It’s the agent and her ability to sell. Every day I use my 23 years of experience to sell houses! My special talent is to guide people into buying without having them feel that they are being “sold”.

I am not a real estate “factory”. When you call me, you talk to me. Yes, I have assistants to handle the assistant’s work, but you hire a successful Broker and with me you get just that. We have a policy here of treating all clients like family. That means giving you the best advice I have, answering all questions you might have, and working as hard as I can to get top dollar for your house.

For the last 23 years I have been in the top 2% of Denver Realtors in sales. Most of that business was from past clients, and referrals. The only way to keep clients for years is to earn the respect and loyalty of every person with whom I work.

Your listing will be treated with the importance and respect it deserves. It will receive all of the marketing, showing and negotiating skills that it needs to get top dollar. I have done it for many of your neighbors and I will do it for you!!! Just give me a call!

Yours very truly,

Sonja Leonard Leonard

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