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Arlington Architecture

Speer to 6th Avenue, Pennsylvania to Downing



The Arlington Park neighborhood includes a wide variety of architectural styles. Earliest homes were designed in the Queen Anne Style from 1889-1908. Foursquares, including some with Classical Revival Style features, were built primarily from 1891-1916. Cottage Style residences were built from 1900-1912. With the Arts and Crafts Movement came the numerous variations of Bungalow, constructed from 1904-1929. The neighborhood also includes a number of Mission Revival Style, Tudor, and Mediterranean Revival Style Homes.

In addition, Arlington Park includes a number of multi-family dwellings built between 1889-1942. During this time a largely middle income population including railroad men, early clerks, trades and professional people, and two waves of Greek and Swedish immigrants, were drawn to the neighborhood.



360 Washington Street

This modest home is one of the best examples of Mission Revival Style in Denver. The use of brick trim instead of the traditional stucco is more common in Denver than in other parts of the country where Mission Revival architecture is found.


354 Washington

Example of the use of cobblestone, which was a commonly used material in the original California Bungalow construction, but rarely seen in Denver.

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