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Arlington Park

Speer to 6th Avenue, Pennsylvania to Downing


Neighborhood Associations


Alamo Placita Neighbors
President: Josh Simon
Address: 346 Clarkson Street, Denver CO 80218
Phone 720-984-6015

The Alamo Placita Neighborhood Association Board meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 420 Downing Street, the Leonard Leonard and Associates office. Neighbors may contact Bessie Chachas, President, at with issues you would like brought to the attention of the board.

The General Meeting for Alamo Placita Neighborhood Association is held at 5th and Marion in May of every year. This event features a variety of speakers, usually including our local Councilperson, and is when officers are re-elected for the year.

Additional neighborhood events include National Night Out, early August, in Alamo Placita Park, and the popular Cottonwood Festival which provides neighbors an opportunity to meet, greet, and eat! Activities for kids include crafts, balloon art, and often a couple of the Denver Police on horseback!


Police: District #3, 1625 South University Blvd. 303.698.3333

Fire Station: 1616 Park Avenue. 303.331.4146

Post Office: 1541 Marion Street. 303.860.8642

Parks: Alamo Placita (Speer and Emerson)
Governor’s Park (7th Avenue and Logan)

Voting Information: 303.575.2351

Library: 1375 Broadway. 303.571.2000

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