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Bonnie Brae Information

University to Steele, Exposition to Mississippi


Neighborhood Classic

Bonnie Brae Tavern
710 S. University Blvd.

Carl Dire converted his gas station into a tavern in 1934, installing had four booths and a bar with eight stools. Carl’s wife, Sue, did all the cooking. Hamburgers, beers and shots of whiskey cost a dime. Dire’s sons Michael and Henry had to enlarge the place to accommodate the crowds who come for the homemade pizza, prime rib and spaghetti dinners. Generous portions, reasonable prices and legendary pizza make this the neighborhood favorite. The décor is well-scrubbed linoleum floors and leatherette booths. Grandsons Michael and Dick still run this neighborhood classic.

Neighborhood Associations

Bonnie Brae Neighborhood Association
Address: 742 S. Clayton Street, Denver, CO 80209
Work #: 203-824-4716

Bonnie Brae Merchants Association
Mr Paul Feigitsch
753 S University Blvd, Denver CO 80209 – 303.360.8440 – 303.778.7729

Bonnie Brae Alley Art
A small but growing group of residents of Bonnie Brae, a neighborhood in Denver, Colorado,
are adorning their alleyways with colorful artworks.
The medium is mosaic tile, the pieces are original and handmade, and the effect is surprising.

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