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Capitol Hill Current View

8th Avenue to Colfax, Sherman to Corona

In the early 1970s, the citizens of Denver suddenly awakened to the fact that much of the history and charm of the city was being demolished. The demolition of the Moffat Mansion at Eighth and Grant marked a turnaround in attitudes and launched a spirit of preservation. Many of the old mansions were saved by converting them to office use or condominiums. Many of the homes, once cut into small units, have been renovated to their former glory.

Capitol Hill United Neighbors (CHUN) was created as, and remains, one of the strongest neighborhood organizations in Denver. The “Capitol Hill Peoples’ Fair”, one of the nation’s largest volunteer-operated neighborhood fairs, started in the neighborhood and draws some 200,000 people annually.

Capitol Hill attracts people who prefer the convenience of walking over driving. The area offers easy access to nearby restaurants, cultural and entertainment centers and workplaces. Public transportation is among the best in the metropolitan area. Capitol Hill remains one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city.


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