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Cherry Creek Architecture

University to Harrison, 1st Avenue to 6th Avenue


One of the most diverse residential neighborhoods, Cherry Creek North has newer homes and townhomes sitting beside the typical styles of “Denver Squares” and Bungalows. New infill construction began in the early 1950s and continues today. The selection of housing includes; cluster type and mid-rise condominiums, single family homes, larger condominium/townhomes and ultra-luxury attached and detached houses. The variety of home styles, the close proximity to shopping and cultural facilities of Downtown, make Cherry Creek one of Denver’s most attractive neighborhoods.



landmark_harman HARMAN TOWN HALL/

400 Saint Paul StreetEdwin and Louisa Harman incorporated the Cherry Creek-area farm as the town of Harman in 1886. Franklin E. Kidder and Ida Humphreys designed the town hall built in 1891 and it housed the municipal offices of the little country town. After Denver annexed Harman in 1895, it became a police and fire station and a Masonic temple in 1934.

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