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City Park South

Detroit to Harrison, Colfax to 17th Avenue


Located just south of City Park, this tiny neighborhood is bordered on the south by Colfax, on the north by 17th Avenue, on the west by York Street and on the east by Colorado Boulevard. It is filled with predominately two story Denver Squares and is one of the best neighborhoods in Denver for value. The prices here are a deal when compared to the surrounding areas.

One of the best high schools in the country is located here on the corner of Colfax and Detroit Streets. East High School is architecturally one of the prettiest buildings in Denver. And the school itself is one of the most popular with students and parents alike.

How wonderful to live in an area that is only two blocks at most to the prettiest park in Denver. City Park offers lakes, mature landscaping, views of the city and the mountains and the FREE evening concerts have been a huge success over the last few years. And of course, it is home to the Denver Zoo, Imax, and The Museum of History and Science.

Photo: Lions at the Denver Zoo by P.J. Leonard

One of my favorite city activities is to meet friends for cross country skiing in the park after a fresh winter snow storm.

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