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Mission Revival

Denver’s Architectural Styles



Built during 1890 to 1920 there are very few academically correct examples in Denver. Walls tend to be stucco or plaster and decorative elements are minimal. The predominate feature is the eye-catching curvilinear parapets and these can be seen on hundreds of small houses in the older sections of Denver.


360 Washington Street

This modest home is one of the best examples of Mission Revival Style in Denver. The use of brick trim instead of the traditional stucco is more common in Denver than in other parts of the country where Mission Revival architecture is found.

Arlington Park

1101 Oneida Street

1101 Oneida Street

A more exotic example of Mission Revival features an elaborate parapet. It is actually an extensive remodeling of aDenver Square.


Source: Denver the City Beautiful by Thomas J Noel & Barbara Norgren

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