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San Rafael

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Washington to Downing, 20th to 26th




San Rafael was platted in 1877 by Henry A Dubois and named for his hometown, San Rafael, California. Development began about 1888 and lasted until the silver Crash of 1893. Recently designated as an Historic District, this area also suffered through difficult times, but, since the mid-1970s, has had an influx of determined residents who are actively involved with neighborhood preservation efforts. An array of Victorian and turn-of-the-century homes are anchored by one of the most beautiful Victorian row houses in the city: the “New Terrace” at Twentieth and Emerson.

Neighborhood Classic

Tosh’s Hacienda
3090 Downing St.

Located at the Five Points end of RTD’s light-rail line, Tosh’s Hacienda has been cooking up down-home Mexican cuisine since the 1940s. Need big, steamy bowls of real green chile? Taquitos, chips and fiery salsas? Crispy chicken soapapillas? You’ve come to the right place. Kick back and catch the Donkeys game on Tosh’s big-screen TV or relax on the patio and sip from a lineup of lively margaritas that entice you to lick the salt off

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