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Mayfair History

6th Avenue to Colfax, Albion to Monaco


In 1885, Baron Walter Von Richthofen proclaimed Mayfair “The Beautiful Suburban Town of Denver” and advertised the area as a healthy alternative to the moral dilemmas of city living. The area now known as Mayfair became part of Denver in 1902 but was not officially named until after World War II when returning GIs settled in the area. The area was attractive to these men and their families for many of the same reasons that Mayfair is so popular today. With it’s wide streets, large lots, varied architecture, and proximity to Downtown Denver, Mayfair is truly an example of urban living with a suburban feel.

Originally centered on Spear’s Chiropractic Hospital and Clinic, Mayfair is now bordered by the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, National Jewish Hospital and Rose Medical Center. With it’s dry air and agreeable climate, Denver has a rich history associated with the health sciences and that legacy continues today, particularly in the areas surrounding Mayfair.

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