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Whittier & Cole Schools

23rd Avenue to 40th Avenue & Blake Street, Downing to York

Denver Public Schools

Denver Public Schools are dedicated to the belief that all children can learn and achieve, Denver reaffirms its responsibility to improve student achievement, ensure academic excellence, and dispel any barriers or attitudes that impede the district’s commitment to the education of all children.

Need more information? During the week you are welcome to visit any school or call 303-837-1000. Denver PTSA 303-860-7948.


Elementary School

2480 Downing Street
Phone: 303.861.1310
Grades: EIP, K, 3-5
Paired with Asbury
Special Programs: English as a Second Language, Challenge Program, Instructional Assistance Program, and Special Education

1350 East 33rd Avenue
Phone: 303.296.8412
Montessori-EIP – ages: 3-8
Special Programs: a magnet school following the teaching philosophy of Dr Maria Montessori.


Middle School

3240 Humboldt Street
Phone: 303-296-8421
Grades: 6-8
Special Programs: Challenge Program, Special Education, Academic Skills Center, English-as-a-Second-Language, Computer Resourse Room, an At-Risk Program, and an evening Community School for all ages.


High School

1700 E 28th Avenue
Phone: 303.295.6600
Grades: 9-12
Special Programs: Advanced Placement, Special Education, Cooperative Work Experience, and Vocational Classes.

1700 E Louisiana Avenue
Phone: 303.777.4421
Grades: 9-12
Special Programs: Advanced Placement

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