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City Park Current View

City Park South: Detroit to Harrison, Colfax to 17th Avenue
City Park West or Uptown: Logan to York, Colfax to 23rd Avenue


Imagination, commitment, energy, and clear vision of the future are creating momentum for Uptown. Organizations like the “Uptown on the HIll Association,” the “Uptown Partnership,” “Colfax on the Hill,” “OMNI,” and public and private investors are translating that momentum into reality. Denver’s economic boom during the 1960s and 1970s precipitated the clearing of many blocks in Uptown to make way for development. The decline of the energy economy prevented developers from further speculation and until recently, little progress occurred. Today, however, people are returning to “Uptown” because of its close proximity to the downtown area and the unique lifestyle it provides. Renovation of stately old buildings for residences, offices, retail shops, restaurants, and service businesses is bringing new life to the area. Recently the Milheim Mansion was moved from Capitol Hill to Colfax and Race Streets to save it from demolition. Beautifully renovated Bed-and Breakfast Inns in the area are attracting national attention. “Restaurant Row” along Seventeenth Avenue offers a variety of epicurean cuisine to both the local and tourist trade. Colfax Avenue, Denver’s main east/west arterial, adds vital commercial life to the neighborhood. Permanent residents may opt for elegant condominium living at the Perrenoud, or the Grafton. Others may choose on of the newly renovated single family homes or tackle their own renovations in one of the old sturdy turn-of-the-century structures.

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