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Montclair Architecture

Monaco to Quebec, 6th Avenue to Colfax



770 Olive Street

One of Denver’s first examples of the English Tudor influence, built in 1910. While brick was common, stucco exteriors can also be found.


1101 Oneida Street

A more exotic example of Mission Revival features an elaborate parapet. It is actually an extensive remodeling of a Denver Square.


landmark_richtofn RICHTOFEN CASTLE
7020 East 12th AvenueBaron Walter von Richthofen erected this rhyolite castle as the show home of Montclair, his suburban real estate scheme, in 1887. The original structure, a prickly Prussian affair was remodeled in 1910 by Edwin Hendrie who had purchased it as his home. J. J. B. Benedict designed the south wing in 1924. The 35-room castle features an oak-panelled entry hall, hand-tooled leather walls, and parquet-floored music room that seats 150. The gatehouse to the east has been converted to a separate residence.

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