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Marketing DOES make a Difference

An ad is placed in the paper and an open house is scheduled.

Our ads list our Sunday open house addresses and price, the two most important pieces of information for the Sunday shopper. They do not have agent photographs, descriptions without addresses, etc. We have a loyal open house following that know our homes are a treat!

Buyers often go to open houses that are out of their price range. Just as we “spin” agents to show other Leonard Leonard listings, we “spin” buyers to other Leonard Leonard open houses.

A notebook with property brochures of all our listings is available at each open house. Buyers leaf through and get excited about other homes – that they can afford! As each agent has been through each one of our listings, that agent can describe the house to the buyer. Each open house guest is giving a “spin sheet” of all the open houses addresses that day.

Throughout the year special “theme” open houses are widely advertised and attended. They range from Chocolate and Champagne at Valentines to Irish Coffee on St. Patrick’s day!

Sellers are often told that open houses don’t work. Our 1999 Valentine’s open houses sold 4 of the 6 held open. I personally sold 3 of my listings in one month at open houses. They work – but again, they take a lot of work!

This is “hands on selling”! This group approach to marketing each other’s listings is just not found in firms where every agent is an independent contractor.

See how Leonard Leonard goes BEYOND the ordinary…

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