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Marketing DOES make a Difference

Offers are received and the contract is negotiated.

You’ve set your price, put your home on the market and kept you house immaculate for those showings. You’ve received an offer…now is a crucial time in the home selling process.

Thousands of dollars from your bottom line profit can be lost at this time. Your agent must be experienced in contract negotiation.

Our agents continually update their education through classes and, most importantly, through weekly meetings in which we discuss in detail what each agent has learned from contract negotiations during the past week. This is in addition to keeping current on market trends, new laws and guidelines, ect.

Once your home is under contract, some agents disappear and the work is handed off to an assistant. When you list with me, you get my personal service. My assistant helps me out in many other ways so that I am free to personally monitor your contract.

Selling a house today is a complex process. The buyer’s inspection must be successfully negotiated, and I’ve found my years of construction experience has been invaluable in assessing buyers’ inspection reports. The buyer’s loan process must be closely monitored to insure that the lender will perform as promised. I take the time to meet with the lender’s appraiser to justify the very high prices I get for my listings.

See how Leonard Leonard goes BEYOND the ordinary…

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