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Marketing DOES make a Difference

You and your agent set the sales price.

You need more than one opinion on this! Pricing your home to get the highest possible price, while at the same time not so high that agents will not show it, is very, very important. The entire Leonard Leonard office will work together with us to help set your price.

You get twelve, separate, professional opinions from agents who are out every day with buyers and know the market. Each agent arrives at the price independently of the other agents.

The input you get from our office is more realistic than input from agents seeking your listing, which is often higher than it should be.

Leonard Leonard and Associates is one of the few remaining small offices in which the agents work as a team, rather than a group of independent contractors. We work together to market and sell each others’ listings, as you will see in the following pages.

See how Leonard Leonard goes BEYOND the ordinary…

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