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The Denver Public Schools Adult Education Complex offers more than 350 courses in 120 locations throughout the city. In operation since 1916, the school philosophy of “for all who wish to learn” continues with an open-entry, open-exit policy allowing students to enroll year-round and work at their own pace. Classes include apprenticeship and related activities, business education, continuing education, second chance, health occupations, home economics, parent education and preschool, marketing education and technical trades and industrial education.

Located at 1250 Welton Street, downtown, the Opportunity School has served more than1.5 million students. Complete job placement and GED testing services are available along with a child care center. More than 60 advisory committees, made up of business and community leaders, meet regularly with staff to keep the school current with the needs of industry. Tuition is free to Denver residents.

Day Care

Several schools have on-site before-and-after-school Day Care for children of working parents. Many also have after-school pickup and child care arrangements with a nearby YMCA or DPS Community School.

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