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Denver Public Schools Facts

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Facts about the Dever Public Schools

The curriculum provides the basic skills to develop lifelong learning abilities and the full development of each child’s potential. An enormous variety of options and electives are available.

  • Denver schools have the lowest student to teacher ratio in the metropolitan area.
  • Of the major metropolitan school districts, Denver has the lowest property tax and is tied for first place in the per student expenditure.
  • Denver students consistently take twenty-five percent of the state’s AP (college level) tests.
  • Computer and instrumental music education are available in all grades.
  • Homework is expected in all grades. Homework Hotline 4 offers assistance with homework from 5 to 9:30 pm Monday through Thursday. For assistance phone 303-758-PASS.
  • Most of Denver’s schools are neighborhood, walk-in schools. However, because of magnet programs, special and vocational educational opportunities, 13,800 students are transported by bus. Nine-thousand are transported for integration.

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